Volume 2, Number 1

Volume 2 number 1

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Review Article

A brief history of superconductivity
Suthat Yoksan

Silk gland fi broinase: Case study in Bombyx mori and Samia cynthia ricini
Motoyuki Sumida and Vallaya Sutthikhum

Medaka as model animal and current status of medaka biological resources
Kiyoshi Naruse, Shinichi Chisada, Takao Sasado and Yusuke Takehana

Research Article

Quantum theory of matter in bulk: modern treatment
Edouard B. Manoukian and Seckson Sukhasena

Genotype frequency of black hulls locus (Bh4) in weedy rice (Oryza sativa f. spontanea) populations
Preecha Prathepha

Situation of liver fluke and cholangiocarcinoma among patients and risk groups of liver fluke in Maha Sarakham Province, Thailand
Wisit Chaveepojnkamjorn, Natchaporn Pichainarong, and Woragon Wichaiyo

New species of Cipangopaludina (Caenogastropoda: Viviparidae) from Zhejiang, China
Lu Hong–Fa, Fang Mei–Juan and Du Li–Na
Editor’s note: Article update 09 Jan 2017.

The physical properties of sawdust briquette and the thermal performance of biomass briquette stove
Nat Thuchayapong and Weeranut Inthagun

Pulse wave propagation and velocity in aneurysmal aorta using FSI model
Tipapon Khamdaeng,  Numpon Panyoyai, Thanasit Wongsiriamnuay and Pradit Terdtoon

The effect of particle size on the bulk density and durability of pellets: bagasse and eucalyptus bark
Weeranut Intagun and Nattawut Tarawadee

Experimental investigation of solid holdup in twin-cyclone combustor
Kasama Sirisomboon and Nuttachai Kummun