Volume 3, number 2

Volume 3, number 2


Diversity of Cretaceous continental actinopterygians from Argentina, South America
P.Guillermina Giordano

40 years of field work in the Triassic marine vertebrate sites
Andrea Tintori


The Late Cretaceous chondrichthyan fauna of the Elbtal Group (Saxony, Germany)
Jan Fischer, Ilja Kogan, Evgeny Popov, Nadine Janetschke and Martin Licht

Taxic diversity and ecology of Mesozoic bony fish assemblages from the Khorat Group, NE Thailand
Uthumporn Deesri, Kamonlak Wongko and Lionel Cavin

Origin and diversification of the Otophysi clade during the Mesozoic: a case of mosaic evolution?
Diogo Mayrinck, Paulo M. Brito, Jesus Alvarado-Ortega and Olga Otero

A review of Mawsonia from the Ilhas Group, Marfim Formation (? Late Hauterivian), Recôncavo Basin
Camila Cupello, Léo G.C. Fragoso and Paulo M. Brito

Revision of the fossil batomorphs from the Cretaceous of Lebanon,
and their impact on our understanding of the early step of the evolution of the clade
Georges kachacha, Gilles Cuny, Dany Azar and Pierre Abi Saad

X-ray phase technology shed new light on Weberian apparatus evolution: context and aim of the case study of Chanoides (Otophysi, incertae sedis)
Tristan Martial, Mayrinck Diogo, Boistel Renaud and Otero Olga

The invention of fast-start predation: hydrodynamics of the predator-prey interaction in Triassic saurichthyids (Actinopterygii, ‘Palaeopterygii’)
 Ilja Kogan

Mesozoic clupeomorphs of North Africa: diversity and phylogeny
Bouziane Khalloufi, Didier Dutheil, Paulo Brito, Théo Mora and René Zaragüeta Bagils

Danian teleosteans of the North Atlantic Region – compared with the Maastrichtian
Niels Bonde and Maria E. C. Leal

A new specimen of Birgeria liui (Osteichthyes, Actinopterygii) from the Longobardian (Ladinian, Middle Triassic) of Xingyi, Guizhou Province, South China
Ni Peigang, Andrea Tintori, Sun Zuoyu and Jiang Dayong

Short Communication

Coelacanths from the Middle Triassic of Switzerland and the pace of actinistian evolution
Christophe Ferrante, Rossana Martini, Heinz Furrer and Lionel Cavin

New light on the paleobiogeography of the labyrinth fishes
Feixiang Wu, Dekui He, Mee-mann Chang and Desui Miao

Triassic actinopterygians across Tethys: state of the art
Andrea Tintori, Da-Yong Jiang, Cristina Lombardo and Zuo-Yu Sun

First hybodont shark assemblage from the Cretaceous of Malaysia: updated report
Teng Yu He, Masatoshi Sone, Ren Hirayama, Masataka Yoshida, Toshifumi Komatsu, Suchada Khamha and Gilles Cuny

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