Volume 8, Number 1


Message From Guest Editor, Assoc. Prof. Cheunjit Prakitchaiwattana

Table of contents

Issue theme: Food Microbiology & Biotechnology and innovative food fermentations

Pigments from Halophilic Bacteria Isolated from Salty Fermented Foods, Bioactivity and Safety for Further Development as Bio/Natural-Food Additives(pages 1-14)
Wichitra Sricharoen, Nattida Chotechuang and Cheunjit Prakitchaiwattana*

Improved Sensory Acceptance and Cytotoxicity to Breast Cancer Cell Line of Instant Germinated Black Rice Yogurt Supplemented with Gellan Gum(pages 15-29)
Naruemon Mongkontanawat* and Thongjuan Khunphutthiraphi

Foodborne disease outbreaks linked to consumption of bakery products in Bhutan(pages 30-38)
Vishal Chhetri*, Tshering Dorji, Adeep Monger

Tangerine wine fermentation and acceptability of formulated wine(pages 39-49)
Vijuckana Navarattara, Chayapa Yiengveerachon and Varapha Kongpensook*

Development of crispy fried Pla-ra product using prototype from accelerated fermentation with autochthonous bacterial starter(pages 50-60)
Atchariya Suriya*, Sarn Settachaimongkon

Supplementation of combined tomato powder and bacterial cellulose in chicken Chinese sausage(pages 61-73)
Srinual Jantathai*, Bussagon Thongbai, Duljira Sukboonyasatit, Saranya Tunakeaw, and Nappaporn Wannarot

Product development of functional beverage from jambolan (Syzygium cumini) juice supplemented with rambutan syrup(pages 74-86)
Thongjuan Khunphutthiraphi* and Nipaporn Kangkawisut

Effects of baking time and temperature on product quality of ready to eat crispy stretched(pages 87-96)
Nipaporn Kangkawisut , Thongjuan Khunphutthiraphi* and Rungroj Tubklang

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