Volume 7, Number 1

Editorial Board Message

The medievalist writer Umberto Eco once penned the aphorism “The beauty of the universe consists not only of unity in variety, but also of variety in unity.” In this he was drawing attention not only to Nature being a harmonious synergy of its many components; but also, to how different recombinations of its components can lead to fresh insights about Nature. Science, is of course, the main method we use to know Nature, and technology the approach we adopt to make Nature do something we deem to be practically useful. It follows that a broad, multidisciplinary pursuit of science can provide us with fresh views of Nature and new ways to adapt it to our advantage. This then, is the core ethos inspiring Science Technology and Engineering Journal, providing a full defence of our aim to publish quality research reports across the broadest range of scientifi c and technology specialties. While the professional background of most STEJ readers is likely to be very different from that of Umberto Eco, all would surely agree that unity in variety and variety in unity are well displayed within the journal’s pages. Indeed, in this issue of Science Technology and Engineering Journal, our remit is fully achieved with a wide-ranging compendium of research that includes four articles investigating fundamental Nature; comprising three articles in the fi eld of genetics of fi sh and Coleoptera (beetles) and another one in palaeontology of mid-late Jurassoc turtles. Three more articles seek to provide innovative technological applications in materials science (employing rice wine residues as a stabilizing agent), engineering solutions to the all-important problem of heat dissipation in industrial processes, and fi nally in the application of lotus fl owers as a natural fl avouring. We are confi dent that the diverse collection of quality research presented in this volume will appeal to our readership. And we very much hope and anticipate that you will enjoy reading the papers presented here. I should also mention that we are always looking to publish innovative, high quality research, germane to the wide subject brief of the Journal. I urge you to consider using Science Technology and Engineering Journal as a conduit to inform people about your latest research fi ndings and / or its practical application in the wider world of technology.

Dr. Adrian Roderick Plant

Editorial Board

Articles :

First turtle remains from the Middle-Late Jurassic Yanliao Biota, NE China

Haiyan Tong*, Lu Li, Xiaolin Wang, Yuan Wang, Jialiang Zhang

Enhancement of Heat Transfer Efficiency of Closed Wet Cooling Tower by Water Spray Method

Siripol Tongorn, Chantima Rewlay-ngoen and Seksan Papong*

Karyotype of four mouth-brooding Betta fishes in Thailand

Teamjun Sarasan, Weerayuth Supiwong, Namkang Sriwattanarothai, Bhinyo Panijpan, Nattapong Srisamoot and Alongklod Tanomtong*

Effect of lotus petal (Nymphaea lotus) and pollen (Nelumbo nucifera) on Chemical and Physical properties of gummy jelly lotus flavor

Pornpachen Chuchird and Paponpat Pattarathitiwat*

Chromosome study of hybrid catfishes Clarias nieuhofii × C. gariepinus (Teleostei: Clariidae): revealed by conventional staining and Ag-NOR banding techniques

Samnao Saowakoon* and Nisa Machoo

A New Report on Karyological Analysis of the Jewel-Beetle, Sternocera ruficornis (Coleoptera, Buprestidae) from Thailand

Nawarat Muanglen, Kamika Sribenja, Patcharaporn Chaiyasan, Alongklod Tanomtong and Chadaporn Nuchjangreed*

Colloidal Properties of the Residue of Rice Wine made from Thai Purpleberry Rice and its Effects as a Stabilising Agent in Foams

Ming Hsuen Alvin Chia, Sirithon Siriamornpun and Linda Pravinata*

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