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Volume 4 Number 2

  Bibliography of Henri Fontaine (1954 – 2015) with keywords and appendix Henri Fontaine and Thi Than Hoang Modeling the effect of drug therapy on hepatitis B virus infection Pensiri Yosyingyong and Ratchada Viriyapong The effects of online game addiction therapeutic camp on stability of online game addiction model for children and youth in Thailand Alicha Soontawong and Ratchada Viriyapong …

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Volume 4, number 1

Volume 4, number 1 Review Ohmic heating: Factors affecting on its application in food processing Patiwit Loypimai and Anuchita Moongngarm Research Novel enzymes produced by actinobacteria growing on seaweed Thi Nhu Thuong Nguyen, Christopher M. M. Franco and Stephen Barnett Palynology of family Convolvulaceae in Thailand Surapon Saensouk and Piyaporn Saensouk Fe3O4@Ag core-shell composite nanoparticle with tunable optical property Thananchai …

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Volume 3, number 2

Volume 3, number 2 Review Diversity of Cretaceous continental actinopterygians from Argentina, South America P.Guillermina Giordano 40 years of field work in the Triassic marine vertebrate sites Andrea Tintori Research The Late Cretaceous chondrichthyan fauna of the Elbtal Group (Saxony, Germany) Jan Fischer, Ilja Kogan, Evgeny Popov, Nadine Janetschke and Martin Licht Taxic diversity and ecology of Mesozoic bony fish …

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Volume 3, Number 1

Volume 3, Number 1 Review 150 million years of freshwater fish biogeography: vicariance or dispersal? Lionel Cavin The origination and rise of teleost otolith diversity during the Mesozoic Werner Schwarzhans, Tanja Schulz-Mirbach, Antoni Lombarte and Victor M. Tuset Research A new well-preserved sturgeon (Chondrostei: Acipenseridae) from the Late Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada Hiroki Sato, Oksana Vernygora, Alison M. Murray and …

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Volume 2, Number 2

Volume 2 number 2 Review Article Palaeozoic correlations and the palaeogeography of the Sibumasu (Shan-Thai) Terrane – a brief review Clive Burrett, Mongkol Udchachon and Hathaithip Thassanapak Research Article  Development and identification of Garra Larvae in Thailand Apichart Termvidchakorn, Siriwan Suksri and Wichian Magtoon  Karyotypes of three species of cyprinid fishes Garra cambodgiensis, G. fasciacauda and G. notata (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae) …

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